Refugee influx

After Paris, there is no legitimate reason for these people to be welcomed into any country but the one they came from originally. It is past time to close the channels being used to bring this trojan horse into the nation.

There are numerous websites out there that track the news and even the actual movement of these people, and the organizations that are being used to funnel them into the US. I strongly recommend that you find out which of the organizations doing this are present in your area. Learn the names of the *local* managers of the branches in your area, and put direct, personal pressure on them to stop complying with this act of destruction. Trying to pressure the regional or national levels of these groups will go nowhere because they just don’t care about you and your problems, it’s impersonal to them. But if you focus on the locals, you can *make* it personal.

That’s the first step. And it shouldn’t just be you. Network with other Patriots in your area, and through them reach out to established community leaders of all stripes. Be able to articulate how this influx will hurt not only community as a whole, but the regular people in their bailiwick directly as well, through lost job opportunities, reductions in services (more mouths means less for each), and increased danger.

The second step is to make it personal for the refugees too. There is no legitimate reason for them to come, not after Paris. Any women and children involved in this migration should be viewed as camouflage only, not as genuine refugees. Muslim women are just as willing as men to sacrifice themselves and their children if they think they can take out a kuffar like you or me when they go. So, make them aware that they are being watched, are not tolerated, and are not welcome. Don’t let them get established without some kind of subtle or overt message that they would be better off going away.

Lastly, get your affairs in order. Those of you who don’t have anyone immediately depending on you can take the more overt paths. Those with potentials for leverage against them can find more surreptitious ways to make these “refugees” unwelcome. Get supplies laid up against disruptions of services in your community. Get yourself a means of comms, be it FRS/GMRS, MURS, a CB, or go all-out and get your ham ticket. Even a “Technician” license will give you access to the 2m radio band, which ought to be enough to let you communicate at least within your general area. The website is a great study guide, and will put the knowledge you need into your head quickly. Get yourself a means of defending yourself and those around you. You don’t really need a tacticool battle rifle; even a used 12ga pump shotgun can be a devastating weapon if used properly, and you can get one of those for under $300. Lastly, get your head in the right place. Read Max Velocity’s and Matt Bracken’s books. Learn how to think and move both tactically and strategically. It’s going to take all of us to push this invasion into the sea, but it’s got to be done if there is to be anything left for those of us who still value Freedom.