I just spent some four hours driving through the Ozarks. I was struck, as I usually am, by just how much of a nightmare it would be to try to “pacify” this region, and how glad I am that I decided to move here. I won’t deny that being here does make it a bit harder to enjoy some of the finer pleasures of urban life (yes, there are a few). However, what made the strongest impression on me today was how a slight change of perspective can affect the way one views things. For example, it is easy to view the rural Ozarks as being “boring”; that there’s “nothing out there”, and bemoan the long stretches of road ornamented with little more than the occasional deceased armadillo. But just a slight shift in one’s viewpoint, and those long stretches of “nothing” become the walls, moats, and other barricades of an enormous fortress, guarding one’s loved ones from hordes of “The Diversity”, to say nothing of dismounted troops.

In another life, I help run a “prepper” website (no, not going to link it; if you really want to know, email me). Living here serves that purpose too, since I really do plan to put in gardens, raise (small) livestock, and generally go “off-grid”. And that’s another layer of defense. Even the Walmarts in the smaller backwaters have their own contingent of EBT zombies. When the Music Stops, they’ll get looted just like the Supercenters out in the Suburbs. So in addition to your firearms and ammunition, radios, CBT training, and other tacticool stuff, do you have the means to keep yourself more or less fed, watered, and otherwise sustained during the initial dislocation? By all means, put aside some MREs, some freeze-dried foods, and maybe some canned goods (though those can be tough to shift if you suddenly have to relocate). But also consider the slightly longer term. You can’t live on MREs forever (a week or two is probably about all you ought to try for unless you have a BIG stock of laxatives too).

Look at your preparations with a different perspective now and then; just so you don’t get too focused on the tasks and forget the overall goal.

Stay alive long enough.


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