Some thoughts in the days before the celebration of a Nation Lost

I feel more pressingly than ever the need for a safe refuge. A now obviously rogue government continues to undermine every precept of Liberty that shows any sign of being relevant. The general public continues to willfully ignore anything resembling uncomfortable knowledge.


As storied as the flag of the United States of America is, I begin to ponder whether or not it has become irredeemably tied to the failed nation that now stands where the Greatest Nation on Earth once did. Given the absolute revulsion with which the occupation views the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, and the prevailing misunderstanding that it was a national symbol, maybe it is time to put the truth to those words, and adopt the Battle Flag as the standard of the new Free America.


Too, I wonder just how much longer the “just leave me alone” segment of the public will allow the regime to piss in its face. The indignities it has already visited on conservative freedom lovers are far beyond what would have had contemporaries of Sam Adams breaking out the Manila and scouting out suitable trees.


Read up on your Mosby, train, plan, learn,  look to the hills, and most importantly, get ready for the now virtually inevitable fight.


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