Where is your line

Those Who Would Be Our Masters continue to dismantle everything good about Western civilization, making new inroads on a daily basis. They are waging war on What Works, on behalf of the never-ending list of “hey, I’ve got an idea” faculty-lounge bull session products.

And every day that no one stands up and says “stop, what you’re doing is wrong”, they get a little more of what they want. So far, this war they’re waging is one-sided.

In other words, they’re winning.

And as long as they’re winning, they have no need to do anything differently than they do now. No need to attempt mass no-knock raids on “eeevuull conservatives”, no need for “Teh Campz”, no need for an Enabling Act or a Kristallnacht or a Reichstag Fire. Were they to meet any kind of genuine resistance, they might still get what they want, but it would likely cost them their legitimacy, and there’d be a good chance that any future “victories” would be hard-won if they were won at all.

So when are you going to stop just letting them win?


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