On Training, not for you but for those you protect

Plenty of other blogs of this nature emphasize training. Mainly, though, they talk about your training: learn SUT, learn CQB, learn this learn that. But it’s always you. However, not all of you are “lone wolves”. Some of you have others to think about.

This came up in the Roundtable session at the North Carolina PatCon: In the early stages, at least, of a major societal dislocation, when you are most likely to need all those other kinds of training, you’re also likely going to need to move your personal noncombatant contingent out of the line of fire and/or to a safe place. Do they know how to handle themselves in a fluid free-fire environment? What if one of them is a toddler? How do you impress on a toddler the need for noise discipline, or of remaining motionless? Since those are rhetorical questions, how do you, the leader of your merry band, handle movement with someone like that?

Something to think about.


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