I’m glad you’re here. I’m going to get right to it. To paraphrase some well-known poetry, the Center isn’t holding. The more voices there are that can speak against the unravelling of the Nation, the better, sez me. We’ve got the highest court in the land essentially saying that a law says what they say it says, not what might actually be written on the page. We have a perpetually-offended segment of the public that insists on forcing their viewpoint on the rest of us, and deleting important historical symbols and cultural elements in the process. We have an Executive administration that is openly contradicting itself while inflicting all kinds of new and egregious impositions on the citizenry.

The list can go on for hours. As so many others in the III blogosphere say, a fight is coming, and we had best be prepared to play an active part. I’m going to try to focus on several areas of preparation/training, while pointing you at better sources for the areas I can’t adequately speak to, and occasionally I’ll inflict my opinion on you regarding some outrage or other.


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